Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honour to invite you all on behalf of the EAPD Board and the Organising Committee to the 12th EAPD Interim Seminar in Oslo, April 23rd and 24th of 2021.  The main theme of the seminar will be “Management of deep carious lesions” divided into three different topics.  Excellent keynote speakers have undertaken the task of presenting the three topics of “Conventional restorative management of caries- Pulpotomy/pulpectomy and conventional restorative approaches “, “Biological restorative management of caries-Minimal intervention, Indirect pulp capping, Hall technique, etc.,“ and “Dental materials used in children, evidence for their use, including new biomaterials, and guidelines for their use”, as they will also prepare the new Guidelines for the Academy. 

During this Interim Seminar two more groups have been assigned the task of updating the Guidelines on MIH and the Guidelines on Sedation.  Besides these important scientific topics, there is a parallel program supported by important local and international speakers on related subjects thus composing a very scientifically intense and interesting event.

It is unfortunate though that we will not have the opportunity to enjoy this interesting scientific content meeting in person.  COVID-19 has changed the circumstances and has made us learn to communicate with alternative ways.  As such, this meeting will be the second EAPD online event.  The local Organising committee, the Future Congress and Seminar Committee and the Board are working in order to organize one more successful EAPD Event.

Looking forward to welcoming you for the 12th EAPD Interim Seminar.


Stay safe,

Dr. Elias Berdouses

EAPD President

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